How long does it take to ship my products ? 

  • Our Pillow takes approximately 2-7 days after purchase to be received.

    Do you ship internationally ?

    • Right now, we ship exclusively to the United-States, Italy, Germany, France and Spain. But stay tuned and subscribe for more information on this subject. 

    In what condition does my package arrive ?

    • Every parcel is sealed in a vacuum packed bag like this picture below.

    What will the pillow look like after I remove the sealed packaging bag? 

    • As soon as you will take out the bag the pillow will expand instantly and look like the picture below. 


    Can we add filling to the pillow? 

    • Yes! The pillow has a small zipper on the side (see picture below) that you can fill with cotton or polyester fiber, but we suggest you fill it with pearl cotton fiber.
    Unfortunately we don't sell any Pillow Stuffing products.


        Pro Tips:

        1. After you receive the package, please tap, rub, and bask in the sun to restore the full shape of the pillow.
        2. Use 48 hours after tips number 1