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products, advice, and dedicated support for Mommas and their little ones.

Everything that you thought you knew about the world changed from the second your baby entered your life.

Becoming a Momma has the power to transform you in ways that you never knew were possible.  Motherhood is among the most precious gifts that we have in this life, and every moment spent staring at their sweet little face, touching their soft skin, or kissing their impossibly tiny fingers is another moment that we have to fully understand the true miracle that is life.

Your child is the absolute center of your universe, and you would stop at absolutely nothing to make sure they have everything they need to live the happy, healthy, safe, and joyous life they deserve. 

About Us

We started ForUmomma with one goal in mind:  Provide Mommas with high-quality, durable, and sustainable apparel that parents can feel good about, premium toys and products that support healthy development, cutting-edge technology that simplifies parenting, and reliable information that mothers can trust.  Headquartered in Quebec, Canada, ForUmomma was founded on four basic principles:  Quality, Safety, Community, and Charitable Giving. 

Quality – At ForUmomma, we believe that every piece of clothing, toy, or product your little one uses or is exposed to should be made of the highest quality materials.  Each item we offer has been carefully designed, developed, and produced with your child’s wellbeing in mind.

Safety – As Mommas, it is our job to ensure the safety, health, and happiness of the babies and children in our lives.  We believe that when parents are provided knowledgeable advice, non-judgmental support, and safe and reliable products, they can focus their energy on parenting and create a safe environment for their little ones.

Community – We believe that raising a child requires support, understanding, and advice. ForUmomma offers expert advice, well-researched reviews, and a welcoming forum for other Mommas to share stories, seek help, and connect with other parents.  We believe that raising a baby takes a village and are committed to providing well-researched, thoughtful, and informative blogs and articles designed to guide you through the adventure of motherhood.

Charitable Giving – Last but not least, we are centered on providing physical and emotional support for mothers experiencing hardships such as food insecurity, lack of access to quality clothing, or safe products for their child.  As we grow, it is our goal to create a non-profit organization to focus on the needs of Mommas and babies who are down on their luck.


Products and Parenting Advice for Modern Day Mommas

At ForUmomma, we’re mothers just like you.  We understand the unique challenges of motherhood and parenting because we’ve been there.  We understand the sleepless nights, the crammed schedules, the teething, the feeding, the swaddling, the stress, and the worry that comes with being a Momma, and finding trustworthy, reliable, and well-researched advice, information, and products can feel overwhelming.

Being a Momma isn’t for the weak of heart. It takes selflessness, commitment, care, and above all else, love. At ForUmomma, we want you to know that you’re never alone. From our premium products to our online community of knowledgeable mothers, to our informative parenting blogs and articles, ForUmomma is here to provide you with everything you need to make the most out of the miracle of motherhood.