Your Baby’s First Stage of Development: What Should You Expect?

Your Baby’s First Stage of Development: What Should You Expect?

Welcoming your new born baby to the world is a wonderful experience. Seeing their face for the first time and holding them close is something that you will never forget. However, those first few days, weeks, and months can be a whirlwind of emotions and milestones, and your baby will undergo an incredible transformation as they learn and grow.


If this is your first baby, you might be wondering what to expect over those first few weeks. To help you, we thought we would take a closer look at that first stage of development.


Month One

This first month can be a steep learning curve for new parents as they begin learning how to look after their children. While it might seem like all they are doing is sleeping, eating, and pooping, they are developing at a rapid rate.


Over these first few weeks, they will be developing their reflexes and special awareness, learning how to move their extremities. During this period, they’ll begin to understand their surroundings and recognize familiar sounds and voices.


Month Two

The second month will see them continue to build their strength and will likely begin to hold their heads up as well as be able to push themselves up from their tummy. The second month will also see their coordination improve, while they will also begin to track objects with their eyes.


Month Three

During the third month, you will begin to notice your baby is developing more independence and individuality. This could be smiling at your voice or responding to familiar faces. It is during this period they will likely begin to learn how to grasp toys more effectively as well as start making more recognizable sounds.

Of course, all babies learn at a different pace, so don’t worry if your loved one is not quite there yet. Did you enjoy this blog? Don’t forget to stay tuned for more.

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